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Final Exams for Grades 7-11 will be May 21-23. Exams will not be given early.

Softball Regional Tournament @ Florence May 9-10.

Go online to to complete the Pre-K Registration Form in order to be placed on the waiting list for next year's class.

Go Garden Go!
Family Market
WHAT: Free groceries!
Providing healthy meals for your family can be expensive, especially when money is tight. The Weekenders Family Market provides fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods to students and their families once each month—completely free of charge!

WHERE: Spring Garden School

WHEN: Contact Tiffany Rieger
Must pick up between 1:00-2:30pm
***Distributed on a first come, first serve basis***

To register, please contact
Tiffany Rieger, Elementary Counselor
256-447-5100 or